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Muzzle Loaders

traditions striker fire .50 caliber michigan whitetailvi
Traditions StrikerFire .50 Caliber Michigan Whitetail VI Collector Gun (1 of 100) Muzzloader Rifle

tradions buckstalker .50 caliber g1 vista camo nickel
Traditions Buckstalker .50 Caliber G1 Vista Camo/Nickel Model #R72103572 Rifle

tradiotns buckstalker .50 cal black synthetic
Traditions Buckstalker .50 Cal Black Synthetic/Blue Model #R72003570 Rifle

pursuit ultralight .50 cliber
Traditions Pursuit UltraLight .50 Caliber Black Syn/Blued Model #R740070 Rifle

pursuit ultralight xlt .50 caliber
Traditions Pursuit Ultralight XLT .50 Caliber Model #R761174

traditions tracker .50 caliber
Traditions Tracker .50 Caliber Synthetic Redi-Pak Model #R44103470

traditions vortexul ldr
Traditions Vortek UL LDR Black Synthetic/CeraKote Model #R491120NS Rifle

traditions vortex ultralight
Traditions Vortek Ultralight .50 Cal Realtree AP/CeraKote Model #R461123 Rifle

traditions buckstalker .50 cal with scope
Traditions Buckstalker .50 cal Black/Blued w/3-9x40 Scope Muzzleloader Model #R72003540-S5

traditions evolution .50 caliber
Traditions Evolution .50 cal Black/CeraKote Muzzleloader Model #R67113350

traditions pursuit .50 caliber
Traditions Pursuit Ultralight 50 Caliber 28" Barrel Model #R-761170

traditions pursuit .50 cal 28 barrel
Traditions Pursuit Ultralight 50 Caliber 28" Barrel W/O Scope Model #R-761170-NS

traditions strikefire .50ca realtree
Traditions Vortek StrikerFire LDR with Nitride Coating .50 cal Realtree Xtra Camo Muzzleloader Model #R599246NS

traditions vortek .50 cal realtree
Traditions Vortek Ultralight .50 cal Realtree AP/CeraKote Muzzleloader Model #R461143NS

More Guns

mini cannon kit model
Traditions Mini Napoleon Cannon Kit Model #KCN-8021

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